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ISO 22716: Setting the Beauty Bar High, Where Standards Blossom into a Symphony of Safe and Glamorous Cosmetics Products

ISO 22716 is the international standard for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the cosmetic industry. It establishes guidelines for the production, control, storage, and shipment of cosmetic products, ensuring they meet high-quality standards and comply with regulatory requirements. ISO 22716 provides a systematic approach to enhance the safety, quality, and consistency of cosmetic products from formulation to distribution.

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Winning customer confidence is a key to running a successful business online or offline. ISO 22716 good manufacturing practices enable businesses to foster faith in their business amongst stakeholders, retailers and consumers. IL Agency Services is a USA-based coveted ISO certification consultant that provides ISO 22716 certification at competitive rates.

Our certification services ensure product quality assurance by offering guidelines for good manufacturing practices by reducing manufacturing defects. Our services help our clients to minimize legal risks and increase product accessibility within the market space.

We help our clients to streamline their manufacturing process, and reduce wastage thereby saving operational costs. Our services guarantee consistent high-value production of cosmetic items for our clients.

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Product Quality Assurance

ISO 22716 helps ensure the consistent production of high-quality cosmetic products by providing guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), minimizing the risk of defects or inconsistencies.


Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to ISO 22716 facilitates compliance with international regulations and standards in the cosmetic industry, reducing the risk of legal issues and enhancing market access for products.


Consumer Confidence

Certification under ISO 22716 signals a commitment to product safety and quality, fostering trust among consumers, retailers, and stakeholders in the cosmetics sector.


Operational Efficiency

Implementing ISO 22716 streamlines cosmetic manufacturing processes, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and optimizing resource utilization, leading to cost savings and enhanced competitiveness

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to gain a deeper understanding of ISO Certification. our guide provides insights into the certification process, its benefits, and how it can elevate your organization. Whether you’re a small business or a larger enterprise, find answers to common queries about timelines, costs, and the steps needed to embark on your journey towards ISO Certification excellence.

ISO 22716 certification price depends upon ISO Standard and Accreditation body you will opt for your business organization.

Our certification process is simpler, faster and affordable. However, again, depends on the size and process of the Organization.

ISO 22716:2007 is the most updated version of the certification.

The ISO 22716 2015 standard is very flexible when it comes to what information it requires.

Certification Proccess

We give easy certification process requirments

Step 1

Preparation and Planning

Organizations begin by familiarizing themselves with ISO 22716 requirements, conducting a gap analysis, and developing an implementation plan to align their cosmetic manufacturing processes with the standard.

Step 2


This stage involves incorporating Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) into the production process, establishing procedures, training personnel, and implementing quality control measures to ensure compliance with ISO 22716 standards.

Step 3

Internal Audit

An internal audit assesses the effectiveness of the implemented cosmetic manufacturing practices. Findings are addressed to ensure alignment with ISO 22716 requirements and continuous improvement.

Step 4

Certification Audit

An external certification body conducts a final audit to verify the organization's compliance with ISO 22716 standards. Successful completion results in ISO 22716 certification, demonstrating the organization's commitment to producing cosmetics under stringent quality and safety standards.